San Antonio - Ibiza 38:58:37N 01:18:09E

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Tue 18 Sep 2007 17:00

We departed the anchorage south west of Sabina on Formentera at 1100 this morning.  Lovely spot with crystal clear water. Crew even dangled her legs in the water last evening. She doesn’t do cold so it must have been roasting. Well actually 77 degrees F.


This is now a nature reserve, and has eel grass beds where fish can breed and the young have a chance to grow. Consequently it is no longer possible to anchor here. But the Balearics department of Nature, provides mooring buoys. There is also a guard in a rib to ensure everyone complies and also to assist as necessary.  It was also free. Dartmouth, Helford River and Salcombe Harbour authorities please take note!!


As the sun set and we were enjoying a relaxing drink in the cockpit, a 44 foot catamaran, from a local charter company came in. There were 11 people on it, including a baby and a 3 year old. They did not have a clue what they were doing. All of the crew on the boats already moored up watched in fascination at the antics of this rabble as they tried to tie up to the only vacant mooring buoy left. (20 metres in front of us). They even dropped their anchor to stop the boat moving around whilst they attempted in vain to secure themselves. Two of the women on the boat became completely hysterical.  It was hard to believe that just one boat and 11 souls could cause such pandemonium.  The peseta resistance was when they launched their RIB dingy (very easy on a cat), and then the guy in it managed to get stuck underneath the bridge of the CAT. This caused all of the people on board to collapse in mirth and the poor chap was left to extract himself and the dingy all on his own. Then the baby started to cry. At that point, the Swan 60 foot yacht next door, with professional crew, stopped having dinner to release their mooring and move off elsewhere. We nearly did the same, but it was dark by then. So to drown out the noise, I put on Pink Floyd (Dark side of the Moon) at full volume for the next 30 mins. (Which I enjoyed enormously).By then they had got the message and had gone below and gone quiet. Either that or they didn’t like Pink Floyd. No taste eh………..


The weather today was not as forecast, so the planned beam reach did not materialise until the last 5 miles of the 30 mile passage to San Antonio. It was a grey and overcast day, and very muggy.  As we rounded Isla Vedra, see picture below, the sea got up and was very uncomfortable for several miles.  Only 1.5 to 2 metre wave height, but a wave interval of no more than 8 or 9 metres. Bucking Bronco rides again…………… (yes, that was Bucking!!)



But as we rounded Isla Conejara on the waypoint for San Antonio, we had 20 to 25 knots on the beam, so with reefed main and reefed Genoa we blasted along at 8 knots+


In the Anchorage in San Antonio. Very crowded and they even have day time discos for the Brits, and Disco cruise boats. Should be a restful evening.


Off at 0600 tomorrow for the 75NM passage to Palma. Weather forecast is for wind on the nose. Boring, boring………………..



One other point. . Had the last of the Luscombe  organic “hot” Ginger Beer today. Great Devon product. Thanks’ Matt, really enjoyed them……………!!……..