Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Sat 15 Jul 2006 19:27

Hot’n Steamy in Vilamoura


The temperature just keeps rising here in the sunny Algarve, and the normal breeze from the North/North East has just vanished. Even the locals are complaining about the heat. Once we are moored up, the all over boat cover is being put to good use, to help with keeping the boat (relatively) cool. But even with our fans going flat out in the main saloon and our cabin, it is too hot to sleep at night.


We motored up here yesterday and we just “cooked” in the cockpit. Really, really wished we had fitted a Biminis before we left Dartmouth. The coast line along the way is dramatic with stunning sandy beaches and huge caves in the cliff faces.


Our current position is 37 degrees 04 mins North, and 8 degrees 07 mins West. Vilamoura is that largest marina, and the oldest, on the Algarve. It has over a 1000 berths. It is also a bit like Blackpool for boats and the pontoons are old and a bit tired. So much so I actually fell through some rotten decking this morning. Consequently I now have a multi-coloured leg. Ruined the good tan!! The marina response was pitiful when we asked for help. I certainly would not want to have a heart attack here.

It is also very expensive. Even more so than Lagos. Euro 130 for two nights.


Our plan is to go to Ulhao tomorrow. It is near to Faro, and involves mooching into some inlets, and finding a safe anchorage for the night. Apparently there are wild life sanctuaries in there, with many wading birds. So all being well the camera will be kept busy tomorrow.


After that we shall start the journey back home. The “plan” will be to go to Portimao to top up on supplies. Then head off very early the following the morning for Sines. It is some 80nm around the dreaded Cabo de Sao Vicente. Fingers crossed there will not be 4 metre waves this time! After that it will be the northerly slog, up to Bayona, re-tracing our steps. Once there we will review our plans and hopefully have some time to “do” the Spanish Rias, before heading for the Scilly Isles and home.

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