"On the Road again?"

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Fri 8 Jun 2007 16:48

The title of this missive is that of the song by the 1960’s band Canned Heat, there was a recent cover version by Katie Melua. So sing the song to yourself, then substitute the words On the Road Again for On the Nose again! That s,  the wind of course. The prevailing winds for the North Atlantic coast are always NE at this time of the year. However, for some reason to do with the Azores high, being low, they are variable to predominately south. Which is a bit of a pain when you are trying to sail south!


Yesterday was rather like the cliché football commentators overuse. It was a game of two halves. We got up at 050 for an earlier start for the longish run down to Bayona from Ria Camarinas. It was raining, grey and cold again. Such a huge contrast to the day before. So on went the foul weather and thermal gear, up came the anchor and off we motored into the wind and rain. There was quite a short (uncomfortable) swell running, so we hoisted the main sail to steady us and to reduce the rolling motion.  Shortly after I heard a loud bang. I peered at the rigging somewhat nervously, but all was well there. (Thank goodness). So this bang was deemed to be one of life’s little mysteries. Until that is, I happened to go forward on the deck, to find part of a shattered pulley. Further investigation resulted in my discovering that the main sail halyard turning block had failed, and had propelled the bits up to 10 metres down the deck. Such were the forced in play.


At about 1400 it was as if we had passed through a curtain, and once again we were bathed in warm sunshine, albeit the air was still sufficiently misty to make it virtually impossible to see Islas Ons or Islas Cies. We finally arrived at Club Monte Real de Yates in Bayona around 1800 local time. We were unable to get a berth in the marina, due to the Rally Portugal boats that were already in or expected. But, because they remembered us from last year, the marina manager agreed to give us a mooring buoy, some 200 metres off the pontoons. Which is great because we can still use all the facilities, especially the wonderful “Oldie Worldly” club house, but it is half the cost. Our position is 42:07:39N 08:50:64W.


Unfortunately it is another grey day today, but it is at least warm. Its been a day for sorting the boat out, trips ashore to the fish market, and relaxing. Oh and Jennie put together another wonderful Prawn lunch with fresh bread. Yum Yum.


Our plan is to motor the 6 miles north to the Islas Cies tomorrow morning, then anchor in a bay on Islas St Martin for the night, (where there is a bird sanctuary, with masses of Cormorants). Then head off  south to the first port in Portugal, Povoa De Varzim. This marina has a brilliant restaurant, run by a chap called Eduardo. We shall be dining on his speciality, fresh caught (by spear fishermen), Sea Bass.


In the meantime we intend to hit Bayona tonight and to indulge ourselves in the club house here, and see if we can find other Blue Water Ralliers, who are amongst the Rally Portugal boats.

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