Pelican Fest 01:52:88N 83:50:95W

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Sun 17 Feb 2008 11:12

It is a dreadful night, with torrential rain and lightening dancing through the clouds all around us. The wind is going around all points of the compass, and varying in strength from 2 knots up to 25 knot gusts, coming from any direction, any time. This makes sailing impossible. So we are motoring slowly (to conserve fuel) towards the Equator, some 130nm SW of our current position.


So to cheer myself up I dusted down the Nikon and checked out some of the shots I took whilst we were at anchor at the western beach on Islas Pedro Gonzalez in the Las Perlas Islands. As mentioned earlier, Pelicans are very difficult to photograph. That is;  in focus, in frame, with the right light and without other objects (like rigging) creeping into the shot!

But as they were all around us, I ran amok with the motor drive (15 frames a second) and ran off a huge number of pictures in the hope that a couple might turn out OK. 


But first a picture of Paramour de Mer, one of the smallest and arguably the best prepared boat in the BWR fleet, owned by Ian & Viv. It made for a terrific picture with the beach and trees at the water line.



Now for the Pelicans……………………………………………….


  Pelican on Fish Alert



   Going Down!



 Going In!





  Cleared for Take Off.



Not the best collection of pictures on the planet, but hopefully they give a flavour of the delightful and fascinating action we so enjoyed, whilst watching this aerial cum aquatic ballet.


Oh, well best get the foul weather gear back on……and they say this is the Equator!   Come on Neptune  “You and do better!!”