Sunshine, Oh Yes!!

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Thu 7 Jun 2007 09:04

After a delightful day sail from La Coruna, we are anchored in Ria Camarinas. 43:07:00N 09:10:00W


The winds were from the NNE and ranged for 5 to 35knots. For quite a lot of the time we are cruising downwind under reefed main sail and the new (large) Genoa. With this combination we were reqularily in the 8 to 8.5knot speed range. The real bonus was it was sunny. Finally felt like we were on holiday. As soon as we had anchored in this beautiful, unspoilt Ria, it was so hot that we had to don shorts and tee shirts. Bliss.


This enjoyment was enhance by a stunning pan full of fresh prawns cooked in garlic and white wine. All chased down with a bottle of Poullly Fuisse. Yum.


We then sat in the cockpit (still in shorts and tee shirts, watching the sun go down, sipping a G&T and listening the to birds song, from the woods above the adjacent beach. The water here is crystal clear, and the light is just so warm that all is well with the world.


Tomorrow it’s off to Bayona, with a 0500 start. Until then…………

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