Povoa de Varzim to Porto de Leixoes

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Wed 14 Jun 2006 18:43

Povoa de Varzim to Porto de Leixoes


As expected the “do” in the Yacht club last night turned into a competitive party. There was a folk singer, lots of free wine and some excellent food. The atmosphere was brilliant and it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.


The day started off with hangovers for many, and it was cold and raining hard. This is Portugal said the crew. Where is the sun?


The trip today was a simple hope of some 15nm down the coast to Leixoes, which is a very industrial place, with a container port, a refinery and all the delights that go with that. The marina is snug and cosy, and this is an ideal staging post to get to the Port producers.


We started some 2nm behind the fleet today. This was due to our setting out late, and then having to sort out the main sail before we could embark on the journey. We were late because my mobile phone/alarm is like the proverbial dead Parrot. It is no more, it is deceased. Orange have refused to send me a replacement to Portugal or to send one to Sarah to bring out with Her. They insist in doing a swap in the UK. So I will not be using the mobile number until further notice. We still have Jennie’s phone and the Sat phone


We had a cracking sail in very light airs and fluky winds. We worked our way right through the fleet until we were up with the leaders. About 1.5 miles short of the finish line the wind just died to nothing and we were travelling at less than a knot over the ground. So it was time for the Iron sail and lunch.


No pictures today. Nothing much to photograph. Having a mini reception on the boat tonight, so got to go and powered my nose now………………