Bad Hair day! 21:25:29N 34:49:75W

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Wed 28 Nov 2007 04:35

It was not an ideal start to the day! After yesterday, when we had a couple of showers, I decided it would be a good thing to “top up” the water tanks. So I turned on the water maker and it just tripped out. After several attempts it was clear we had  a major fault. So I pulled the boat apart to check all the areas like the inlet strainer for the raw water. Then I found that the polycarbonate cap for this had been cross-threaded. So I spent over one hour re-cutting the thread on this by hand (with the assistance of a hacksaw, Stanley knife and a file).  Once that was sorted I checked all the filters and all the wiring. Everything checked out OK.  So I called the supplier of the H2O system in the UK ( Fischer Panda) and spoke at length to there engineering manager Chris Baker on the Satphone. He was extremely helpful and supportive. After a few checks they concluded that the fault is in fact not with the Water Maker, but with the Generator. It seems we have blown one of the power factor correction capacitors and this is inhibiting the ability of the high pressure pump on the water maker to start up.  Unfortunately I do not carry a spare capacitor in board. Fischer Panda are looking at a “work around” to see if we can by pass some of the interlocks and the lower pressure pump on the watermaker.  If we do this then it is just possible we will be able to get enough power out of the generator to drive the water maker. I do sincerely hope so!! We have plenty of water for drinking and cooking for the rest of the trip. BUT…….not enough for showers, or crucially,  for the crew to wash her hair.  So if we don’t get this going tomorrow, then life on board could get a little testing for the next 10 to 12 days. We most certainly will have to use the deck wash pump for “hose downs” to at least ensure we are not too “high” when we arrive in Jolly Harbour.


It was a beautiful,  warm, and sunny day today. I tried a spot of fishing, but no luck. We had yesterdays Dorado for dinner this evening. Jennie baked in tin foil, it with some Ginger and Orange juice. Much nicer than the last one, but a little on the dry side. It’s quite hard to get baking right in our oven. Also it is so rolly that I frankly don’t know how Jennie manages to cook at all in our Galley. Let alone keep the food on the plates!


The last 24 hour run was 160nm. We have covered 1403 NM so far and have 1545nm to go. So we are getting near to the half way point now. We have lots of wind this evening (not forecast) but from the ESE. So making a fast passage time tonight, but not quite in the right direction. Good winds are forecast through until next Tuesday, then it looks like we may have to get the Gennaker out to make any real progress. Getting that out and erected in these seas should keep me entertained for hours………….


Until tomorrow…………..