Bonaire via Islas de Aves 12:09:34N 68:16:80W

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Sat 12 Jan 2008 01:34

We finally arrived on the mooring in Bonaire this evening. Just after dark.  Challenging to pick up, the rather unusual style buoys, but as usual Jennie was a complete star and sorted it out. It is completely illegal to anchor anywhere in Bonaire, so Hobson’s choice to pick up one of the (only) 40 buoys available. God know what you do if they are all taken!!


We had stopped off at the Islas de Aves,  first thing today. They are Venezuelan Islands, just amazing tropical Islands, with teaming bird life.  I wanted to see Red Footed Boobies (flying variety).  The pilotage was VERY testing. So, OK we bottled it and came on here!! But we did get a good flavour of the Islands, and had we had more time would have persisted, despite the fact that the charts are 100 years out of date!! Coral heads and sand bars galore to play with……


We had to motor all 422nm from Petite Martinique to get here. Bit “cream crackered “ now, so after a good kip and some RnR will do a full report on the trip, including the catching of a Barracuda along the way……………………..