Farewell to the Grandchildren

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Thu 19 Jul 2007 12:09

After some four weeks during which both sets of Grandchildren and their parents stayed with us here in sunny Lagos, the last of them departed back to the UK last evening.





Before their return there was a quick visit to the South Bar in Lagos Marina for a round of farewells (and in Nick’s case a few lagers).  During this interlude, Jessica entertained everyone with a spot of disco dancing.



Whilst Ellie was more focused on ensuring that she was well feed prior to the Easyjet flight from Faro to Gatwick.



The weather was quite windy for the last week, so this restricted the sailing activities. But Alvor was as ever a hit, and the rest of the time was spent on the beach, or at a wonderful spa & pool complex which is quite near to the marina.  It has great facilities, is cheap (not a word often used in Lagos), has excellent food and drinks and is very safe. Here I was able to indulge myself in some grandchildren hurling (in to the open air pool I hasten to add), and Sarah also had the pleasure of the odd aerial assault into the water. Meanwhile Jennie kept a safe distance in the shallow end of the pool and Nick watched on from the security of the bar area!




It has been great fun having all the visitors. The boat is now eerily quite and both Jennie and I are wondering what happened! It all passed so quickly.


We are scheduled to stay here in Lagos until the end of August. However, I am not sure I can suppress the travel bug within me for that long! So after a bit of boat maintenance, and some  R&R, we will head off East and mooch our way into the Mediterranean. The plan then would be to spend all of the month of September cruising around the Balearics, before heading back to Gibraltar in Mid October. Jennie is also pressing me to make a quick return trip to the UK in early October to catch up with everyone before we start the Blue water Rally on the 17th October.


We are also hoping that our youngest daughter (Mandy) and her boyfriend (Phil) will find time to come and join us soon as well as catching up with my brother (Ian) in September. Various other friends have indicated that they would like to visit us, so we are awaiting to hear from them as to when they would like to come on down??????


Meanwhile we will just have to keep on enjoying ourselves!