Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Thu 13 Jul 2006 21:14

Porta de Baleeria


We are anchored in a small bay, near to Cabo Sao Vincente. It is a former Whaling station and not the prettiest of spots. But it is secure and the sun is beating down so it’s not all bad, by any means. Our position is 37 degrees North, 8 degrees 55 mins West.


All the known engineering issues were finally resolved last evening and so we made our preparations for an early departure today for Ponta Delgarda in the Azores. We decided to have a fair well drink with Mark and Max and their children and friends in the South Bar at the marina. This was not one of my better decisions! We got to bed at 0200 this morning so when the alarm went off at 06000, it was promptly switched off!!


Had to pay Blue Water Yacht services for the service work, Euro 720 (ouch), then the marina fees. Euro 520 (even more ouch) and finally, filled up with diesel for the “big leg”, 302 litres required………another Euro 320. Bad hair day or what!!


Finally left the fuel pontoon at 1210,  Azores bound. Just as we were about to leave, Seaqwell (picture attached) passed by with all the gang, plus Kathy from Amazon, who had bribed her  way out for a day trip with a bottle of “dry white”………………. Best wishes and Bon Voyage all round.


So off we went. Little or no wind, and what there was, was on the nose. So motoring along with the main up to steady us, as there was quite a nasty, short swell. As we approached Cabo de Sao Vincente, the wind got up, and Oh my so did the sea. In no time at all we were banging into 4 metre waves. This was not fun. The Autohelm decided to start playing up at the same time………………So we had a team talk. Turned around and here we are. The Azores plan is now in the dustbin. Maybe next year.


The plan now is (possibly) to spend a few more days in the sun in the Algarve and then retrace our steps back to Bayona. That will be a pain because it means heading north into North and North Easterly, strong winds, and a “rolly” sea. After that we may follow Graham and Meredith of Grateful Parrott, and tour the Spanish Rias, before heading for Benodet, and then back home via the Scillies, as originally planned, for the latter part of August.


Hey Ho, more details tomorrow………………………..




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