We have WIND.... 18:00:56N 49:11:45W

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Wed 5 Dec 2007 07:25

After two very frustrating and tedious days, with no wind and little or no progress, we took a gamble today.


The latest GRIB files that we downloaded this afternoon, indicated that there was wind below 18N degrees latitude. We carefully looked at the rest of the forecast winds between here and Antigua for the next week. We then checked the fuel situation and decided to take a risk on there being wind some 50nm south of our then current position. We had spent two nights just drifting, so we HAD to do something, otherwise I would start barking at the moon!


 Six hours later we ran into wind. Oh deep joy. I never thought I would get so excited about 8 knots of true wind and 3.5 to 4 knots SOG sailing! The wind direction is sending us WSW, which is just fine. We now have 11 knots true and we are sailing along on a reefed main and Genoa in the dark at 5.5knots.  Just 718 NM to go……………The forecast is for the trade winds to re-establish themselves by tomorrow evening by which time we should be in a good position to take advantage of them and have a downwind romp to Jolly Harbour.


Mind you, whilst I have been getting frustrated over the lack of wind, Jennie has been lapping it up. Sunbathing with no “tippy uppy”. One happy crew!




We had some more spectacular Thunderstorms with rain. But strangely no wind or lightening………….




Over the last two days we have seen two whales. One was as Monty Python would say “a stiff”, the other a very much alive 45 foot Minkie whale. As we closed in on it, it made the classic five dips then arched his back for the big dive and just disappeared. So sadly no pictures.


Time for a change of watch now, so got to wake up the crew,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,