Formentera 38:43:87N 01:24:55E

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Mon 17 Sep 2007 15:17

We sailed, yes SAILED all of the 12.6 miles from Ibiza to a lovely spot on the west side of Formentera yesterday afternoon.




WE decided to try the Gennaker, with the Rollagen system on its own.  Very graceful and peaceful, (except for the helicopters and the mother of all power boaters). This sail gives us truly amazing performance in light airs. As you can see from the snap shot of the instruments, around 6knots BTW, from 8 knots of apparent wind. This in a 25 ton boat!! That said this sail has to be treated with great respect. We had one gust up to around 16 knots and life became quite exciting in the fast lane!! Not nearly as much as it did as we approached Isla Esplamador. There was a low flying helicopter taking pictures of all the super yachts, and it has to be said there are some awesome yachts out here. So why he chose to pick on us I don’t know. But it was flattering none the less. Except when he got too close and the down draft caught the Gennaker. That got rather too exciting for comfort and I think he embarrassed himself because as we made a drastic course change to avoid wiping out, he beat a hasty retreat.


The anchorage was just south of Isla Esplamador. Fabulous beaches, crystal clear water. Oh and wall to wall people. Most nude sunbathing and swimming.  But the spot we picked to anchor was opposite a rocky out crop with a converted Windmill, which doubles as a restaurant.




So we decided to book a table for dinner last evening. Well it has to be said that the place looks great, but it is at the end of the tourist season. So the staff were friendly but tired, and the food was , well quite poor and eye wateringly expensive.  Great Irish coffee though!!


So we scrabbled back across the rocks, and clambered aboard the dingy, to return to Zipadedoda and a game or three of cards. Crew was in fine form, as she had a few glasses of Port and as usual was winning hands down………………….




The plan for today was to up anchor and move down to Sabina bay, which should shelter us from the predicted SW winds tonight. While we were getting ready to weigh anchor. We saw the ultimate in Super Yacht accessories.




This was a converted Microlite aircraft. Instead of a small cabin, it has a RIB Dingy. I thought I had seen it all!!  I want one. Well so long as it stays on the water……………………….


Just got back from a wonderful lunch in Sabina. Odd little town, but not with out a curious charm. Wall to wall scooter and bike hire companies. Most of their stock seemingly not rented out. Bit scruffy as well. But the harbour side was quite well presented. It also boasts a really good restaurant, called BellaVista. Terrific staff, excellent food, yummy bottle of chilled Rioja Tinto. All at reasonable prices.


The plan is to move off to the other side of Ibiza tomorrow. San Antonio on the north west coast. We shall anchor in the bay, and no doubt have the pleasure of all night discos, before heading off at 0600 the following morning for Palma.