Life in Lagos

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Tue 14 Aug 2007 11:55

I was reminded yesterday that the last up-date to the Blog was on the 24th July. So it is high time we corrected that omission………………………



Talking of high time………………..



We had decided it was necessary for a trip up the mast to get some lubricant onto the sheaves. I donned the bosons chair and Jennie hauled me up as far as the first cross trees on the mast. I then made the mistake of looking down. As I don’t “do” heights, this was all too much for me, so as you can see from the picture above the “crew” volunteer for the erection up the mast. Better man than me I can tell you!!




To put this in context, the mast on Zipadedoda is 73 feet tall. And yes you’ve guessed it she went all the way. Well she would wouldn’t she. On her return to earth, her comment was    “That’s the biggest thing I have had between my legs……today!”



My brother Ian arrived last Tuesday for a spot of R&R.  As you can see he had no inhibitions about getting on with the business of chilling out on the boat.



On arrival he commented about the spectacular picture we had put on the blog of the Monkfish Kebab that Jennie and I had previously enjoyed in a restaurant in Alvor.  So Jennie used that as the perfect excuse to return to Alvor!


Needless to say we had a stunning meal, and a good time in Alvor, albeit the weather was VERY windy and chilly at night. Had to wear a jacket for the first time in weeks.


Whilst at anchor there we saw a Spanish Jeaneau 49 sailing yacht leave on a falling tide, at dusk. I commented at the time that this was not the wisest thing to do in Alvor do to the shifting sandbanks and I therefore assumed he had local knowledge. Wrong! The next morning I saw said Spanish yacht high and dry on a sandbank. As it was spring tides, and he did not anchor of into the deep water to stop the boat being pushed up the sandbank we were really worried for him and so went off to do what we could to assist. It was clear that despite some errors of judgement (there but for the grace of ….and all that), he clearly knew what he was doing and as we stood by him the yacht slowly rose up on the rising tide with little or no damage. Phew,,,,,,,,


The only negative thing to report is that the Norvak virus has been doing the rounds in Lagos. Jennie went down with it first and has a terrible 24 hours of it. Then she bounced back quite quickly. I on the other hand made a meal out of it and was off the pace for three days, or more correctly on the potty. Now every cloud has a silver lining. Because as the picture below will attest, the high life, eating and drinking and virtually no exercise, has taken its toll on my waste line.



Nothing quite as effective as the Norvak virus for a  crash diet!!!


Ian will be returning back to Scotland tomorrow, so then we will be getting on with essential maintenance, and preparing to head off East.




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