A Tale of Two Fishes 22:09:24N 31:54:95W

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Tue 27 Nov 2007 03:34

It has been a busy day today. With boisterous sailing and some fishing…………………..


The Dawn was the perfect indicator for the day ahead.


 Red Sky in the Morning………..


The winds have been variable, mostly from the ENE but also through to the SE from time to time. With speeds of 10 to 30 knots true. So it has been a busy day for sail trimming and for major adjustments to the rig. As most of the sailing is down wind, in very rolly seas, a Gybe becomes a significant undertaking. This is because we have to remove the boom preventer (without crash Gybing), then get it re-installed on the opposite side of the boat prior to the Gybe. Then there is the small matter of taking down the Genoa Pole out system, and re-erecting it on the opposite side of the boat. This also means moving several of the “strings” and their associated blocks. It usually takes well over an hour to complete this manoeuvre. Due in part for the need for caution and safety, but mostly because I end doing a Mexican Two Step all over the foredeck, whilst hanging onto the pole. It’s a bit like a May Pole Dance during an Earthquake. You get the picture? It is also a time to add to the ever growing number of bruises and broken finger nails.


For the last four days, we have been sailing a mostly westerly course. After the Gybe, we are now on more of a south westerly course. I have been checking back on the log to look at the performance to date. Our worst 24 hour run was day three with 120nm, and our best was day 6 with 159 nm. The current period is looking good… total so far covered on this leg, 1232nm, and a mere 1712 to go!! Oh and for a while we were sailing at 9.6knots SOG today……………..


Had several more rain storms come through today, and it has been a rather cloudy , overcast and frankly bleak day. This evening was not nice at all to start with. It was so dark up on deck you could not see your hands when you stretched out your arms. Considering it is a full moon that is quite a phenomena.


We also had some success with fishing today. The first victim simply gave itself up on the deck whilst Jennie was on watch. Biggest Flying fish I have ever seen. Sadly it did not end up in the pan……



Earlier this afternoon I put out the fishing line, with the smallest lure I could find, with soft hooks. I was under strict instructions to catch only “pan sized” fish. So after a couple of hours a suitable Dorado duly obliged.


   It still filled the sink in the galley…….


This mighty hunting event happened just as the crew emerged from washing  her hair and having a shower. After a mild grumble she took my catch below and removed two perfect sized fillets. We have been advised that the thing to do with Dorado is to leave them to settle in the fridge for a day or two before baking them in the oven in tin foil and a little lemon and herbs. I will let you know how this turns out in due course.


It is another rolly bouncy night, and both of us are starting to suffer from sleep depravation. Just hope it calms down soon so we can get some quality sleep. If we don’t there is a danger that we will miss out on the first couple of parties in Antigua as we recoup, and that is simply not an option!!!


Until tomorrow…………………………