Rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. Oh no it doesn't

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Wed 16 Aug 2006 18:00



Yesterday certainly provided plenty of entertainment. Dolphins, Sun Fish and even a Fin Whale which dived before I could even think about getting the camera.


The weather provided the most entertainment. Having started in little or no breeze, we ended up at 0100 this morning with strong gusting SW winds in amongst the most spectacular storm clouds I have ever seen at sea. They came at us in droves, and we monitored them on the radar before the gusts arrived, followed by torrential down pours. So I can now pronounce the boat thoroughly cleaned and all traces of Ria ash have been purged from the exterior. For a while we were travelling at 9 knots plus, with just the reefed main and cutter sail. It was way too gusty to risk the Genoa.  We managed to cover some 163 nm in our first 24 hours. In all that time we saw just one ship and one sailing yacht.


Current position is  46 degrees 56 Mins North, 7 degrees 5 mins West.  It is sunny and after the leaden grey skies of this morning, it is a welcome sight. The sea has calmed down and we now have a true Atlantic swell. The wind has been cyclonic with wind speeds of 3 to 8 knots, since around mid-day, so we have motor sailed. At some points the sea currents have been surprisingly strong, whipping us along at quite a rate of knots.

So far on the crossing we have covered 230 nm. The trip to date has clocked up over 2030 nm.


The continental shelf is some 40+ nm north of our current position so it looks like we could have another fun night with the French fishing fleet. Here’s hoping for a quiet night!! The forecast is for SW 3 to 5. If it’s the latter, we should have a cracking sail into the English channel.


After little sleep last night we have both slept most of the day, so we should be in good shape for the night ahead.


The weather forecast for the Scilly’s (where we were to have spoiled ourselves in a posh hotel on Tresco tomorrow), is not that attractive, so we have decided to head for the Helford River.  As its our wedding anniversary tomorrow, we will have to delay celebrations for 24 hours……………….crew has taken it quite well really.  Only one black eye and a broken leg for my trouble so far (only joking). Looking forward to a nice bottle of bubbly and a monster T bone steak at the Shipwrights Arms………….Yum, Yum.


Now for that Sheppard’s Pie and baked beans………………(well if the SW 5 doesn’t arrive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)