Colombian Basin 12:05:86N 75:27:13W

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Thu 17 Jan 2008 06:56

This is day has been another classic “Game of Two Halves”. 


The morning brought clear skies, and sunshine, which was a welcome break from the grey sultry and rainy weather we have enjoyed for the previous two days. 


So much so that crew was able to get her book our and read in the cockpit.




There were quite big rolly seas, but nothing much to concern us., as we trolled along on a broad reach under full Genoa and reefed main at 7 to 8 knots.


The forecast winds for tonight were to shift to our stern, at up to 30 knots.  So just before sunset we rigged the Goose wing down wind rig and put in a second reef in the main sail.  Reefing the main involved turning the boat around to face the wind and the big (previously) following sea. This resulted in big waves breaking over the boat and the trip to the foredeck to adjust the toping lift was a bit like being in a high speed Jacuzzi!!


It was just as well we reefed down early. Because we now have the pleasure of winds “up the chuff” of 30 to 35knots, and a very big following sea.  With the boat surfing along at speeds I have never seen before………………


We were told that the best way to deal with this passage was not to look behind you. They were not kidding!! Especially as I am scared of heights………………Got to go now. The Velcro that is holding my shorts in place at the Nav table is getting worn out and I am in danger of being thrown off my perch………………………