Curates Egg 19:33:51N 44:36:71W

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Sat 1 Dec 2007 23:41

It has been a mixed bag over the last couple of days. Some sparkling sailing and some real grot!


Same goes with the weather. Some lovely sunny balmy weather and some dramatic thunderstorms.  It is also now “Butter melting” weather. So “crew” are happy…at last!


Last night we were Goose winging again in some short seas, and for a while is was so rolly and we such a violent wave motion, that I was actually thrown across my bunk and over the lee cloth! We both got virtually no sleep at all.


We covered 146 NM in the last 24 hours, which is a reflection of the sailing.


The high point today was catching a fish, just after dawn.



When it came out of the water it was an emerald green colour. But within the hour it lost this hue and became a silver grey colour, Rather like a tuna. I have no idea what it is! But Jennie has it filleted already and we plan to have it for lunch tomorrow. Anyone know what it is??


Ah, one small problem on the pan fried fish. The generator died this evening. It looks like it is a deterioration of the capacitor problem. Anyway, it will not “pull in” the main power contactor, so we have no “ring main” power for cooking, charging batteries, water maker , or even charging the electric tooth brush!!.  All quite upsetting really. If only we had been told in advance that these capacitors have a finite life, I would have carried spares and it would not have been a problem. Just an irritation.


Anyway, we do have an inverter on board. This converts the 12Volts DC from the ships batteries to 230V AC mains. So providing we are careful, with it and the battery conditioning/charging via the engine alternator, we should still be able to cook hot meals. That said we will only have limited power capacity for the cooker. Only two rings or the grill.  So Jennie is going to have her creative cooking skills tested to the limit. No Sunday roast for us tomorrow………..


984 nm to go…………………………….I can almost smell those rum punches………….