Bayona at Last

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Thu 8 Jun 2006 01:59

0130 Thursday 8th June, Bayona, Spain


All sorted and moored up in Bayona, G&T in hand. Well the Sangria will have to wait until tomorrow. We’re the fourth boat to arrive, which given we are only a “2 up” crew is very respectable, out of a field of nearly 30.


We crossed the finish line at 23. 57 on the 7th  June . 579 nm since leaving Mayflower Marina to Bayona.  World Cruising Club staff on hand to help us in. Very welcome indeed.  Had a good natter and brain dump, then went on to sort out the boat.


Jennie (glass of red in hand),  is now preparing more fillet Steak.  I am in danger of starting to “Moo” if we don’t finish off the contents of the defunct freezer soon!


Looking forward to a good nights sleep and then catching up  with the other Ralliers who will arrive over night.


The attached “big grin” picture should communicate how good it is to arrive in Spain in one piece!


Going to chill out now for the next couple of days, before we head off south to Portugal.


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