Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Mon 26 Jun 2006 23:02

What a cute place!


This was a short stay. The town is really clean and the people very kind.  Had a bizarre reception at 10.30 on a Sunday morning, hosted by the local lady mayor. Lots of speeches and prize giving. Then we needed to find a supermarket, and then get back in time for the Footie.


It was a real hike to the out of town “Intermarch”, and once shopping was complete we discovered that there were no taxis’s. Shock horror. Then Maxine from Seaqwell, saw the Lady Mayor in the supermarket. She asked her how we could get a taxi. The response was wonderful. “I will take you there as there are no taxis on a Sunday”. Brilliant. On the way back to the marina, she also showed us where the one and only bar showing the footie on big screen TV was. What a star.


So shopping stowed, we headed for the bar and the fooie. An amazing spot, as they were hosting a Sunday after noon “tea dance” in the same venue. The footie was boring but the crac was good and the tea dance a  laugh.


Early night as we had to leave at 0700 this morning for the final leg to Lagos. Moored up here in Lagos, 37 degrees o6 mins North ., 08 degrees 40 mins west. Full story on the final leg tomorrow, once I have caught up on sleep, and before the final party!!


Night, night from a sunny and windy Algarve.

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