The Adventures of Zipadedoda of Dart

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Tue 26 Jul 2005 09:00

After a boisterous night with winds up to 28 knots, and a good nights downwind sail. All under reefed Main and reefed poled out Genoa. We now have light NE winds, which is making downwind sailing a little tedious. This despite the fact that we have full main and full poled out Genoa. The Main is straining against the preventer and the Genoa is snapping and making a cracking noise as it does so, just like a ring masters whip. That said we did manage another 171NM day yesterday. We will be no where near that during this period as we are averaging only 5 to 5.5 knots as  I write this.


We tried the Dorado last night. Jennie simply grilled with garlic salt and black pepper and a whiff  of ginger. Interestingly it had a lemony flavour and the flesh was quite tough. WE have concluded that the next Dorado meal should be baked in foil with lots of salt, the way the Spanish do. It may also be that Dorado is like Dover Sole, in so much as it needs three days to settle once caught, to bring out the flavour and get the texture right. Any advice in this regard would be very much appreciated, as we have LOADS to get through!! As the freezer is full we decided not to do any more fishing on this leg as it would be a waste. (Actually, I just thought I might quit whilst at the peak of my fishing prowess….)


The high point of today was that after three days, the seas were calm enough for us  both to manage a shower. Utter bliss I can tell you.  So that is why there are no pictures this time around!


Now of course we have put a serious dent in out water reserves, so the water maker is now doing its thing, creating 40 Gallons per hour.  It makes a hell of a racket, which is a good thing because it muffles the noise of the sails flapping in this rolly sea.


Not much more to report, other than to say it is warm (we are wearing shorts and tee shirts), but does get very cold at night. Oh and we had  hoped to be on Puerto Calero by 0400 tomorrow, but based on the latest GRIB files, the wind is dropping even more and this will probably delay our arrival until nearer 1000. Which is a bit early for our first alcoholic drink for 4 days……………………hey ho