Petite Martinique 12:31:47N 61:23:45W

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Tue 8 Jan 2008 22:55

We departed Union Island at lunch time today, after the refrigeration engineers spent a second day attempting to get our new freezer installation performing correctly.


Last night we took a taxi to Chatham Bay to enjoy the delights of the Shark Attach Restaurant, on the beach. This also had the added advantage of providing us with an Island tour!


In the event the taxi dropped us at the top of a rather treacherous track that was over a mile long, down a steep incline. Not easy in the daylight, so you can imagine what fun we had going back!


In the event we went to the next restaurant along the beach called Balled Head Restaurant and Bar. We had some awesome Rum Punches and a mixture of grilled Lobster and Grilled Chicken. It was a BYO joint, so I had lugged two bottles of wine along.


 The Three Anahi’s and Zippy crew at Chatham Beach


The restaurant was full of French, Italian and American people, all having a ball. Mind you. The Sand Flies and Mosquitoes were also having a ball, or more correctly a feeding frenzy……….


After this we returned to Clifton and ended our evening bopping away in the “Stress” nightclub. (The name is absolutely hilarious given the “mind set” of most of the clientele).  This was a slightly scary “joint” Actually joint was the operative word!! The aroma in this establishment was pungent with the smell of various drugs, and overexerted human bodies. Some of the dancing by the local “ladies” was extremely provocative………….Jennie was also the target for some erotic dancing but as usual she danced them into the deck. This provided me with much entertainment. Got back to the boat in the wee small hours. Oh no, not more Thistle Milk needed………..


As we sat on the boat this morning, whist the refrigeration engineers toiled away down below. A chap appeared along side in a dingy. Much to our astonishment it was one of the berth holders from Noss Marina, back home, who was in the Grenadines and a weeks bareboat charter holiday. I am not sure who was the most surprised to see each other!  Sadly he had to leave due to a tight schedule, so we did not have the opportunity for much of a gossip………It IS such a small world.


We came over to Petite Martinique for three reasons. It has (allegedly) the cheapest Diesel in the Caribbean, the cheapest Wine and is totally under developed. The fuel dock has a very strong surge and is not somewhere you want to dally! I thought the boats cleats were going to be ripped out at one point. The cost of 69 US gallons of diesel was ECD 811 which works out to approximately GBP £2 per gallon.  The wine selection was very limited, but about £3 a bottle. The place has a real charm about it in a scruffy sort of way. But the people are delightful. Totally laid back and full of smiles.


  Down Town Petite Martinique


We are off to the Palm Island Restaurant for dinner tonight. It is supposed to be very good and not too pricy. So something to look forward to!!


Then it’s off to Bonaire in the morning. A 420nm trip in some quite big seas. The forecast is for light winds. So it looks like we will be using quite a bit of that fuel I just bought!


One thing is for sure. The Caribbean is a fun place, but it has sure been an expensive experience…………… have been warned…..(Well two things then if you want to be pedantic)