Bali - Part II - The Sequel

Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Fri 7 Nov 2008 21:01

After the Elephants and a nice lunch Mr Widi continued with the tour at quite a pace.

We headed into Ubud, a large bustling commercial, very touristy, centre. Along the way we stopped off at a wood carving workshop and showroom. It was interesting to see the craftsmen working on their “creations”


    Wood carver at work


There were several wood carvers at work and we were told that it can take them up to a year to finish one item. The showroom was a labyrinth of small rooms with all manner of wooden items. Some very intricate and ornate. None of it was to our taste, and frankly some of it was in very bad taste. It was also expensive. So after 20 or so minutes we moved on to the Palace in Ubud.


This is a fascinating rambling structure that contains a village. Rather frustratingly, the really interesting areas were closed off due to the expected arrival of some foreign dignitary. But the carver doors and entrances were just stunning.


  Stunning carved doors and Hindu entrance guards



Next door is the market. This is a very large market with what seemed like hundreds of stalls and booths, on two levels, all selling the same tat! Mostly imported touristy rubbish and tee shirts from China. Why anyone would want to buy any of this stuff is beyond me.


But there were some interesting sights and sounds, not to mention smells!



I have no idea what the chap above was selling, but it did make for an interesting picture!


We then moved onto the Bali Bird Park. Now I have to say this was a fascinating place with the most fabulous collection of birds, kept in sympathetic surroundings in massive walk through cages. We took dozens of pictures, of the birds and some of the structures within the park. There are a couple.


  Balinese House


In one area you were allowed to handle the tame birds. Or was that the other way around?


  Bird Woman at large!


After a very full on day, we then raced back to the boat, had a shower and then raced out with Mr Widi to the Bali Dance Festival.


This is a great treat! It is a large restaurant with a classical Balinese dance performance each night. We had the best table in the house, right next to the stage.

The food was sumptuous. We shared a  “steamboat” with Robert & Wendy. I have not had this for years,. It is a bit like Fondue, only Oriental style, and definitely no cheese in sight! Very common in Japan and Korea.


The show comprises a band with a single flute and then all manner of drums. Some the size of a Kings sized bed, made of multiple bamboo tubes that resembled a horizontal church organ. One “instrument” was so big the musician sat in the middle of it. The music was rhythmic and haunting and the dancers costumes were an assault to the eye. Colourful and shapely. The dancing is very controlled with subtle finger movements and foot gyrations. Visually very gripping, and requiring a lot of concentration to follow what is going on.


Just before the end of the show I discovered the downside of having a ringside seat……………………………..



It was hell….being forced to dance with a beautiful young Balinese girl………………….


Then there was the photo call for the performers. Just wonderful, dramatic costumes and make up.



After a very full, action packed day we were back on the boat, fast asleep by 10.30, catching up on the Zed’s ready for the next outing.


To be continued…………………….