Zipadedoda of Dart
David H Kerr
Sun 16 Jul 2006 20:04

Helloha Olhao.


We are once again anchored in a delightful spot. It is near the Canal de Olhao, which is a stones throw away from Faro. But you would never know! We are surrounded by beautiful yellow sandy beaches and sand bars. To the south of our anchorage is Ilha Da Culatra. It is very relaxed and comfortable. Albeit  the temperature is in the 40’s!!


Had a late lunch once we arrived here, having motored all the way from Vilamoura. Garlic butter fried Prawns and brown bread all chased down with a chilled bottle of Vinho Verde, in the cock pit, under the sun canopy. Quick paddle off the sugar scoop (picture attached), followed by a siesta.


Our current position is 36 degrees 59 mins North, 7 degrees 50 mins West.


Very glad to be out of Vilamoura. It turns into a “zoo” at night. Just finding a good restaurant, without wide screen TV’s and screaming children, is one of life’s great challenges! That said, did manage find a T-bone steak restaurant in the end, and had a yummy, but less than restful meal. The disco music goes on all night, so sleep is also hard to come by.


During the course of yesterday afternoon we had occasion to help a couple who were mooring their new Oyster 49 in Marina Vilamoura. The bow thruster failed on them at a crucial time, so it was all hands to assist them get secure. The stiff  easterly breeze blowing them off the pontoon made it impossible for two people on short finger pontoons to get sorted out. We met up with them, later and exchanged boat tours and drinks. It turns out he is the Chairman of Sainsbury’s. So Jennie (a few glasses of wine later) tells him in no uncertain terms, how to turn his company around. It was hilarious, and the guy took it very well………………………..The really fun part was that they were going to buy a Contest 50. Amanda was convinced it was the right boat for them. But another couple cancelled their order for the Oyster 49, having paid a large six figure number in advance. Oyster then made Philip an offer he could not refuse. A half priced brand new Oyster 49!!! Needless to say they did not confirm the order for the Contest 50, but we got the distinct impression they now regret that because they have had a lot of things go wrong on the Oyster. Jennie could not help herself. Just had to show off the washing machine………………………………..


Tomorrow is another day. It is time to start thinking about heading home. Probably head back to Lagos tomorrow, 45nm west of here. Then re-stock the boat and by then it will be Neap tides, so all being well the weather gods will be kinder this time, when we head off around Cabo De Sao Vicente…………………..


Then again, we have both just finished a lengthy swim off the boat, in the wonderful warm water in this creek. Perhaps we will blow up the dingy and have a mooch around the island tomorrow………… 

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