Ft. Loudon Marina, The End of The Road

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Tue 12 Jul 2011 00:56
July 5, 2011
Folks enjoying day on the river
More folks
UT Chattanooga rowing team at practice
River front
Night practice
Baby Osprey Chicks
Amber Isle
Amber Isle
Valt and Sandy
Ah Sunset
Rollin on the River
Well, all good things must come to an end.  (Bad things, too, I guess.)  We have dreaded writing this page.  This will be our final entry for the trip.  We meandered through the Tennessee River going only 40 miles per day for the past few days.  David and Karen were with us.  We wanted them to enjoy a little break, but we also wanted to prolong the trip a bit.  We locked through the last lock, Ft. Loudon Lock.  Usually the most turbulent lock of all, the lock operator gave us a slow lift.  Past the lock we anchored in the cove.  Launching the dinghy, we ferried our guests ashore.  We were not ready to tie up in our slip in the marina and begin our work season yet.  Dana Farrell rode out to see us while we were ashore.  Next Lynn, from Suite Forty Eight, motored out to say hi.  Others reported seeing us out there.  Our old pals know us well.  The next day we eased into our slip with Bret, the marina manager giving a hand.  It felt good to be home.  We tied our custom cut lines to the boat and hooked up the electric power.  Amber Isle got a quick rinse and gave a sigh of relief.  Little had changed here.  A few new boats.  A few new marina hands.  The biggest change was a new marina restaurant, the Key Largo Grille.  They specialize in seafood, and we enjoyed a blackened grouper sandwich.  Next chore, removing stuff from the boat for storage.  Fenders, spare dock lines, anchors, anchor lines, parts, and more.  We took off 8 cartloads of stuff.  The boat seemed tons lighter.  We walked the docks and visited with old friends.  How can it be so good to leave, then so good to return?  Of course, the first question on everyone's mind is:  Will Heronomous Merkin find true love?  Will Valt and Sandy return to the Bahamas next year?  And when?  And of the answer:  We don't know. 
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