Gulf Stream Crossing

Ambler Isle
V and S
Sat 18 Dec 2010 15:54
25 34 456N
079 18 857W
We got a late start for going to the Bahamas.  We worked late into the night trying to set up the weather and compressed email programs with the satellite phone.  We couldn't get it to work, and went to bed resigned to taking the computer and phone back to the satellite phone service company the next morning.  However, it turned out to simply be a bad phone cable, and when we replaced it with another one, the satellite connection was perfect.  To test it out, I ordered some weather reports and printed them out to take with us. The reports showed light SE winds and 1-2' seas.  Perfect.   So at 10:00am we were able to leave Port Everglades into the Atlantic Ocean.  The 60 mile Gulfstream crossing was uneventful.  We fished, but did not catch.  It was dark when we reached Cat Cay, just south of Bimini, the first of the Bahama Islands.  We had to pass through a narrow, rocky cut.  With the help of radar, the spotlight, GPS navigation, and good old experience going through this particular cut before, we passed through easily.  Once through we were on the Great Bahama Bank, and the water was smooth and calm.  We drove another 5 hours til midnight, then went to bed for 4 hours.  We wanted to get to Nassau before dark the next day.  That entrance is tricky, too, and the harbour busy.  Better to go in during daylight.