Norman's Cay Fishing Trip

Ambler Isle
V and S
Thu 6 Jan 2011 15:38
Dec. 31, 2010
The sun was shining, the wind was breezy, and it was about 78 degrees when we decided to try our luck fishing up around the north side of the island and through the cut to the ocean side.  I'd forgotten how beautifully rugged that north end was. White sand beaches beckoned.   A few homes dotted the landscape.  Smalls island, including Saddle Cay created little sheltered waterways.  A big ray swam away from the boat.  We passed two express day tour boats from Nassau alongside a big sand bar. About 50 swimsuit clad adventurers were wading out. In no time Valt had a fish.  It was a small lancer dragon, a bottom fish that hid in the rocks.  We'd just seen photos of it in a book, Islands in the Sun about the northern Exuma Cays.    It would be good bait.  Bam.  I soon caught the same type fish.   We went through the ocean cut.  The tide was coming in and so was the E winds, creating a washing machine effect for the dinghy.  Once out, we turned around and reentered the cut.  In this direction, it was calm.  We dragged our bait and soon hooked a small ocean trigger fish.  Wow, this is our favorite.  We'd filet it, leaving the tough skin attached.  After a few minutes meat side down on a hot grill we'd flip it and watch the skin curl up, creating a "bowl" that held in the juices.  What a great addition to our filet mignon New Year's eve dinner.  We repeated our trips through the cut several times, but caught no more fish.  But just watching the sea bottom in this clear water was a treat.  Back aboard Amber Isle we noticed that several more boats were anchored nearby.  McDuff's would have fireworks tonight to bring in 2011.  We hoped we'd be awake at midnight to see them.  As the sunset, we heard a lone conch horn blowing.  The temperature dropped sharply and we closed the boat up to keep in the heat.