Norman's Cay

Ambler Isle
V and S
Thu 30 Dec 2010 12:23
24 35 661N
076 48 421W
But even more than our French neighbor, the huge swells that arrived at Allen's Cay 3:00am were worse.  Many boats left the harbour, seeking a more protected spot.  But the Exuma Sound had 6' waves out of the SW, making that route impassable.  Others went ashore to get away from the constant rolling.  By 2:00 we could take no more.  We weighed anchor and motored out the cut to the Atlantic Ocean side.  AHHHHHHH.  What a relief once again to be level.   The ocean side was calmer because the island blocked the SW waves and surge.  It was so calm that we set out the fishing rods and tried to catch our first fish.  No luck there, but we were just glad to be in calm seas again.  The trip to Norman's Cay was only 15 miles, but very enjoyable.  The weather forecasts call for stronger winds overnight, but this anchorage is very sheltered and should be comfortable.  We enjoyed several beautiful days of calm weather.  The little restaurant McDuff's was closed for the holiday season.  So we just stayed aboard Amber Isle and did a few chores.  Valt was installing a new depth sounder/chartplotter on the dinghy.  What a wonderful gizmo.  Very detailed charts of the islands.  We enjoyed a grilled rack of lamb for Christmas dinner beside our 3'Christmas tree.  Sunday we awaited a big front moving in from Florida. It came in with rain, but stuck around a few days blowing 25k from the NW.  Although our little anchorage was pretty protected, we still rocked from the nonstop bashing.  Monday was no better, maybe worse.  Should we move the boat?  But the bow danced wildly.