Marathon to Key West

Ambler Isle
V and S
Wed 10 Jun 2009 13:32
24:33.20N 81:48W
June 6, 2009
Key West. There is really no place like it.
We anchored that night off the western shore of Fleming Key. The boat
rocked and rolled all night as the surge came in from the Ocean. Next
morning we moved across the channel to the NE side of Wisteria Island.
Phew, what a relief. The island and the shallow sandbar blocked the waves
nicely. Ashore, Mallory Square offers a sunset celebration every evening,
with vendors, food, and street entertainers. There was a glass walker, a
fire eater, numerous mime and more. Back to Duval St. we went to the 801
Bourbon Girls Show. The show features female impersonators. With their
beautiful makeup, wigs, and gorgeous costumes, they really look like women.
They sing, dance, tell jokes, and generally make fun of life. All the shops
are open, and we walked miles, taking in the sights. When we got home at
3:00am. my feet were covered in blisters. Guess I am not used to shoes or
to pavement.
Waking late the next morning, we prepared for more punishment. I donned
sturdy shoes and socks, and we went back. Lunch was a shrimp skewer at B.O.
Fishwagon, a quaint old place with open air dining. Along the way of our
hot tour of the city, we ducked into various restaurants and shops to cool
off. We were surprised at the happy hour food specials everywhere. But
today would not be a late night. We would leave tomorrow early for the
mainland, continuing our journey northward.