Little Farmers Cay

Ambler Isle
V and S
Tue 8 Feb 2011 23:26
Feb. 2011
Little Farmers Cay  was our destination, some 15 miles southeast.  The  "Farmers Cay, First Friday February Festival and Regatta" was the draw.  Nearly 100 Boats gathered for the event.  Many were there to watch the Exuma sailing teams race.  Others for the cruiser contests. Still others were there for the natural beauty of the islands.  A huge open cave drew the more adventurous.  The cave had stalactites and stalagmites, as well as a big fresh water pond.  Someone had placed a bucket beneath one of the leaks, and the bucket had turned to stone over the years.  It is considered lucky to take a sip of the water in the stone bucket.  From the cave a path let to the Sound side beach.  This beach was a great beach for hunting sea beans.  Cruisers found a lot of them this year.  We feel lucky to find 1 or 2 there.  We spotted a small catamaran.  Could it be Lucille? We first met Lucille at Crooked Island in the Aucklin chain in 2003.  Although they normally live there year around, we have seen it several times since then.  It only draws 18"!  So Lucille goes wherever she wants.  And yes, it was that very same boat.   
The races were several miles long in small wooden sailing sloops built by the islanders.  A very basic boat, it has no motor.  Long boards are shifted side to side to hold the crew and prevent the boat from tipping over on tight turns.  Spectators followed in dinghies, cheering on their team.  As it turned out, Amber Isle anchored near the starting line, and had great seats.   Even so, we used the dinghy to get closer and take photos.  The mast on one boat broke, spilling people and boat parts into the sea.  Dinghy spectators came to the rescue.  Afterward everyone returned to the island for the festivities.