Bye Bye Bay Spriings

Ambler Isle
V and S
Wed 29 Jun 2011 11:15
The "Ditch", last leg of Tombigbee before the Tennessee River
Dodging Jet Skis
More Jet Skis
54' PAMA Yacht
34 34 965N
088 27 869W
June 27, 2011
We slept in til about 7 am, we had only 50 miles to go today, and that would take about 8 hours run.  There were no locks in between.  We'd expected to make the turn onto the Tennessee River and anchor in a bay called Ross Branch.  The sheltered bay we been in the past few days let the boat bob at will, so when we lifted the anchor, the trip line was wound around and around it.  We set a trip line with a floating ball attached to the anchor palls.  This way we can pull from the opposite direction if the anchor gets fouled on something below.  After cleaning the mud off chain, ball, line, and anchor, we headed out across the wide expanse of Bay Springs Lake.  Sorry to leave this beautiful are, but happy to be heading home.  Our last section of the Tombigbee River was mostly manmade, and was a straight channel, lined with rocks.  The depth was about 18' to the tree lined shore.  It was wide enough for 2 towboats to pass with safe clearance.  After about 30 miles we turned east and were on the Tennessee River.  Immediately the river was wider.  The shoreline was greener and more lush.  Amazingly there was no sign marking this change or waterways.  No "Welcome to the Tennessee", nothing.  Without a chart, a person might miss the turn completely.  We went another 15 miles to Ross Branch and anchored for the night.  This was a short day for us, but there was no anchorage for 35 miles, and a lock between.  No need to stop after dark.  As always, we had numerous chores and would finish our movie, too.