Staniel Cay 3

Ambler Isle
V and S
Thu 20 Jan 2011 16:33
Another yacht went aground today.  This one was a trawler on its way into the marina at Staniel Cay Yacht Club.  The dockmaster saw the trouble and quickly warned him away.  Several people called him the VHF to tell him he was too close to the hard reef that guards the marina.  But somehow it hit the reef anyway. 
He kept going, seeking a place he could tie up easily since he'd lost his hydraulic system.  On the VHF radio he inquired about using a unoccupied dock by Club Thunderball.  About that time the nice young fellow from Staniel Cay Divers came on and suggested he might want to tie up by his diving boat, and that he would call the marina to ask permission.  The dock was shared by Amazing Grace.  He returned to say the dockmaster preferred he return to the marina for dockage and they would help him.  Amazing Grace also called, introducing themselves as the Overseas Salvage Co. and exchanging phone numbers.  Another Salvage Co.?  A salvage company might be paid $1million if they rescued a $2million boat from destruction!  So it does not take many salvage operations to make a fortune.  Later still we heard the "nice, young man" from Staniel Cay Divers hail Amazing Grace on the VHF to set up a time to call on the phone.  Not surprisingly, salvagers and divers often work together when salvaging a boat.  In the old days this was called "wrecking" and was a huge business before lighthouses, and later aids to navigation.  The Florida Cays thrived on it.