Love is in the Air

Ambler Isle
V and S
Wed 6 May 2009 20:39
May 5, 2009
After taking the dinghy ashore for a good cleaning, we sat on lounge chairs at Hamburger Beach. Two Laughing Gulls caught our eye because they appeared to be rubbing necks. They raised their beaks in the air and made, no kidding, cooing sounds. The smaller one, the male, ran circles around the female. This display went on for a while, when we noticed activity further down the beach. They were setting up chairs,and music stands. Were our little birds an omen? Yes, it was a sunset wedding. The first guests were ferried over. Dressed in their wedding finery, they began to roast in the hot afternoon sun. Soon shoes were doffed and they began wading in the crystal water, hoping to cool down. More of the 20 or so guests arrived and finally the wedding party. The bride wore a long pink dress, and the musicians played. At sunset, the vows were said, and all piled back into the waiting ferryboat. They returned to the Peace N Plenty Hotel, where a small reception was held. What could be more romantic?