Georgetown Cruisers' Regatta

Ambler Isle
V and S
Sat 5 Mar 2011 02:15
Big day for registering for the myriad of events offered at Regatta.  The beach was lined with many dinghies and the registration lines looped around the beach. Some events sounded fun, but all were too busy.  Imagine a dinghy parade with 300 dinghies?  We can watch that from our bow most days.   We went just to visit and get a schedule of things we might want to spectate.  One was the coconut event.  Motorless dinghies paddle around with flip-flops trying to scoop up as many coconuts as possible from the water.   Crew members toss buckets of water into the dinghies of competitors.  That we wanted to see.  Lee from Windstar 4 nabbed me to ask which of the Chris Parker weather seminars I wanted to attend.  We were not planning to attend the seminars, but signed up anyway.  Chris was there.  Amazingly, he reached far back into his memory to 2003.  He remembered we were anchored next to him at Sand Dollar Beach in a big motor yacht.  The sun glistened off the windows.  Wow.  18 entries for the 2012 Regatta tee shirt design were posted on the wall and we were to vote our favorite.  Most were hand drawn,  a few were computer generated.  We voted and were rewarded with tickets for various door prizes.  On our way back we stopped at the catamaran Serenity to drop off the look bucket.  They were thrilled.  Then we took a lazy cruise through the harbour.  We stopped at a boat from Townsend, TN, a town near us in TN.  Turns out he was really from Florida, just put on TN to save taxes.  I was oddly pleased to hear this:  the boat, which will remain unnamed, was probably the worst in the entire bay.  Next we stopped at Slow Dancin to return their DVD.  Since Rusty and Joy were leaving tomorrow, Valt invited them over to say goodbye this evening.  After we ate our lunch, I prepared a homemade salsa to serve with tortilla chips for our snack with them.