Valt's Computer Repair Service

Ambler Isle
V and S
Wed 29 Apr 2009 19:03
April 28, 2009
Well, everyone knows that the mouse cursor on this computer does not work.
Even when I add a external mouse, wired or wireless. The internal keyboard
also is unreliable.
Maybe you did not know that the CD player reads, but no longer writes to CD.
The audio fell silent sometime ago.
All these problems are ok. We can work around them. But when the power
charger failed, this was real trouble. Valt to the rescue. I began
thinking of ordering a new one. Or making the docking station work somehow.
When Valt tried to open the transformer box, he found it was glued, not
screwed shut. He pried. He sliced. Finally he got out the hack saw and
opened it up. He found a broken wire and resoldered it. The charger began
to work again. What a miracle worker.

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