Georgetown, Exumas

Ambler Isle
V and S
Thu 26 Mar 2009 14:40
March 24-26, 2009

We spent several days changing oil, maintenence chores, cleaning the boat,
etc. We did not even launch the dinghy til Sunday afternoon. then we rode
around the harbour looking for familiar names or faces. The harbour is not
really a bay, as such. It is a strip of water than runs between Great Exuma
Island and the barrier islands of Stocking Island and Elizabeth Island. It
several miles long and most boats anchor nearer the barrier islands, out
of the prevailing E-SE winds. The barrier islands have a few resorts, a
couple of tiki hut type restaurants, miles of beautiful beaches on both
sides, numerous trails maintained by the boating community to get from side
to side. At Volley Ball beach cruisers gather for activities, even beach
church on Sunday morning. On the main land of Great Exuma, about 2 miles
from the anchorages, are the businesses. Grocery stores, liquor shops, a
gas station, several eateries, a water sports rental, laundry, and more.
Course, they seldom have much in stock that anyone needs. There is a tiny
"lake" Lake Victoria on the main land and we pass under one of the few
bridges in the Bahamas to enter the lake. There is a big dinghy dock to tie
up to, then we walk. Monday night a cruiser arranged with the local water
taxi to pick up 30 people and take them to the mainland for an evening's
entertainment of "Rake 'N Scrape". This is a is a local Bahamian music form
where they use a long saw and machete to make sounds. Some also sing and
dance at the same time. We passed on this event also.
riding around the harbour, we gave some fresh mahi to a few old friends.
Valt also bartered with a sailor for an auto pilot gyro. This is a part
that helps the autopilot maintain its course better. He traded some fishing
rods and reels and both went away thinking he'd got the best of the deal.
Jim and Janie invited us over for burgers on the grill, and we had a
wonderful time. The winds have started up again as another cold front came
over from Florida. This is the time of year for the fronts, but we still
agree that it's better here than anywhere else we can think of.
We took a long hike over to the ocean beach and around. The beaches here are incredible, miles of soft white sands. It felt good to be ashore after being on the boat 14 days.!!!!!!
Next day we went to Volleyball Beach to see who is here. We played a few rounds of "Bolla", a yard game, and visited with some sailors. Most are very nice.
The winds are much less today, some boats even left the harbour for other ports.