Bimini to Northwest Channel Light

Ambler Isle
V and S
Sun 15 Feb 2009 16:23
25:28.20N 078:09.60W

Feb. 14, 2009
We did not stop at Bimini. It was only 11:00am and the day was young. As
we passed through the channel onto the Great Bahama Bank, we saw a sailboat,
"Slo Motion" anchored there. They hailed us by name; we'd met them in
Georgetown last winter. Sailboats love windy weather, and they decided to
stay and wait for the winds to come on Sunday or Monday. This way they would
not have to motor to Nassau. Wishing them well, we moved on. We hung over
the rail to see the gin clear water beneath us. There was not even a
ripple, the wind was dead calm. It was only about 10' deep, and we could
see the bottom clearly. Occasionally we would see a sea star or a sea
cucumber. The fish, in their wily way, are able to hide from us until a
ripple in the watter or small motion gives them away. We saw flying fish
leap out of the water. Escaping what? We did not know. Passing over a 3'
around rock we saw a fish nursery of 1000s of 3" fingerlings. Valt thought
it looked like some big fish's dinner plate. We lugged our
chairs and cushions to the bow, slathered on sunblock and sat out to enjoy
our first Bahamian day. All we could say was, "Look at that water"!!!!!
This is a phrase we repeat daily here. We stopped to anchor about a mile
off the Northwest Channel Light for the night. It is in
the middle of the Bank, near no land or any obstacles. We leave on an extra
light or two for good measure. And if we drag anchor, there is nothing to
run into. Tomorrow Nassau.

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