The Fishing Excursion

Ambler Isle
V and S
Fri 11 Feb 2011 13:02
We picked up Steve and Kim off s/v Mur Dina and we headed west with Amber isle hoping to dive and get a few lobster.  We'd go out 8-10 miles and drop anchor.  But the sea had other ideas.  As we left the lea of the island, a 3' wave arose.  It would be too rough to snorkel and hunt.  We turned around, stopping in a small bay to hoist the dinghy up onto the boat.  Exiting through the cut at Little Farmers Cay to the Sound, we faced a big rage.  The incoming winds were not that strong, and although the tide was outgoing, so we were surprised.  Lamps rattled, drawers opened.  Just as quickly we were past the turmoil and the seas were the same 3' as on the Bank side.  Going with the waves we dropped the fishing lines into the blue sea, hoping for a couple mahi mahi instead.  After several hours without a nibble, we entered the cut at Dotham for lunch.  The tide was now coming in, and pushed us through.  Dropping anchor we BBQd fresh Abaco Free Range chicken.  What a treat. Along with my Spanish rice and fresh cole slaw if was quite a meal.   On the Sound side, the sea had calmed down and going against the small waves was no problem.  But the mahi eluded us.   Back where we started at Farmers Cay Cut, we reentered and went back to our old spot at Oven Rock.  Captain Valt made up a batch of Amber Islanders and Kim brought out some cheese and crackers for an arrival happy hour.  Steve and Judy from Adanaco (O Canada spelled backwards) were anchored nearby and came over to join us.  She  brought warm bread fresh out of the oven, and some garlic brie.  I added some beef sausage and a chunk of blue cheese brie.  After our hearty lunch this would be our evening meal.  Before they left we showed them clips from the famous Pirate Bob Party video from 2007.  What a great day.