Farewell Bahamas, Hello USA

Ambler Isle
V and S
Tue 2 Jun 2009 14:50
25:46.N 80:05W
May 30 - June 2, 2009
After a refreshing calm night's sleep near Cay Cay, we awoke at 5:30am ready to cross the Gulf Stream back to Florida.
The navigation computer would not boot up, so we swapped it with the back up
computer I use for everyday chores. By 6:30am the anchor was lifted and we
headed out the cut to the Atlantic Ocean. It was rough going through, but got flatter as we got further away. The forecast was for 5-10 SW winds, and seas less than 2 feet. We had 43 miles to go to reach Miami. We don't usually go to Miami on our way home, but decided to stop to get some bunkered fuel there. Although we'd have to wait til Monday to get the fuel, we'd save $.62 per gallon over the pump price for 500 gallons or more of diesel.
The trip across was okay, with several rain showers along the way. Free boat wash.
In Miami, we anchored in a very calm bay between some of the man-made islands between Miami and South Miami Beach. We sat enjoying the peace after the stormy trip over. Looking outside we saw a double decker tour boat turning in front of us. Curious. Then another double decker tour boat entered our calm bay. What was going on? When the 3rd and 4th came along, we went out to hear their talk. Seems we had anchored by a house built for Al Capone years ago!!. A infamous celebrity, people paid to see it. Valt spent the next morning inspecting the hull, then Larry and Ulla from m/v "Roughlife" arrived for an overnight visit. She was wearing her "Amber Isle" shirt and red high-heeled Crocs. They'd been working on their boat non-stop for 6 months, and were glad for the break. We ate, talked, and ate some more. Tuesday we lifted the anchor and headed to Key Largo.