South to Norman's Cay

Ambler Isle
V and S
Sat 21 Feb 2009 16:21
24:35.6N 076:48.6W

Allen's Cay is a heavenly spot. So nice that many folks stop there on their
way south. When too many sailboats gathered around Amber Isle, like
fledglings to the nest, we decided to weigh anchor and move. After all,
when we don't like the neighborhood, we can simply move We did meet several
other cruisers already. The wind had turned to the SE and was 15-20K.
Since we were moving SW, it was perfect, although we did take on a little
salt spray. Our destination was Norman's Cay, former home of the infamous
drug lord Carlos Lehder. Now it is a pleasant litle island with 20 or so
residents. It has an airstrip, a few nightly rental cottages, and a
restaurant. But the best part is the anchorage in the cut. You may see
where we anchored on the Google Earth map. We did not actually go over
land, but omitted the turning point positions. The wind protection is good
here. We expect another cold front from Florida to bring more NW winds
tomorrow and it will be good to be settled in early. In calmer weather we
have often anchored on the southwest side of the island.

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