Black Pointe

Ambler Isle
V and S
Fri 4 Feb 2011 12:44
At Black Point, the motto is "Get to the Point, Stick to the Point."
Sadly, the island kids go to high school in Nassau and never return.  The island school has 5 Guinean teachers; the clinic employs a Jamaican nurse.  But the settlement is delightful.  We landed the dinghy at the dock, climbing a very high ladder due to low tide.  We tucked a fancy 2 pound tin of chocolate covered cookies under our arm and headed for the straw lady Miss Eunice's old green house.  The doors were open, a good sign.  But when I knocked, a man's voice said," Hello?"  I asked if Miss Eunice was home.  "No", he said, "She died."  Hearing my gasp of dismay, he asked us to wait a moment and he'd be out.  He was her son, Burklie, and he came out with a beautiful memorial booklet from her funeral.   We visited with Burkie a while, reminiscing about our first meeting with her.  Seeing her work in low light and very close up, we brought her reading glasses.  She was so excited; now she could read her Bible.  Darting inside her little house, she emerged with a  beautiful straw handbag.  But when Valt refused her gift, she carefully removed the glasses, saying if we could not accept her gift, she could not accept ours.  Of course, we cherish the bag to this day.  Another visit we watched her remove the light bulb from her front porch socket and take it inside.  She had only the one good bulb and moved it back and forth.  Next visit we brought a pack of light bulbs.  She always dropped whatever she was doing to chat.  I know she met many cruisers, but she remembered us from season to season. Burkie showed us commendations she'd received from Queen Elizabeth for community service among others.  Her grandson just graduated with  a 6 year degree from a college in New York for law enforcement.  She left a good line.   I was sad she was gone, but she'd lived 94 good years.  She simply died of old age, never sick.  Burkie turned out to be a retired Chief of Police from Nassau.  He was building a house next door, and planned to move his family back to the island.  We exchanged numbers, and gave his Miss Eunice's chocolates.  We thought she'd approve.