Sitting at Norman Cay

Ambler Isle
V and S
Fri 14 Jan 2011 18:30
Another big blow was predicted today, so we were not surprised to awaken to some wave action.  We finished coffee and breakfast and loaded the dinghy to go out to the Exuma Sound and wash some bait.  Of course, we did not plan to simply wash bait, but looking back, that's exactly what we did.  The Sound was choppy from the SW winds due to the cold front from Florida.  We headed north, knowing the trip back would be "interesting".  Water splashed over the sides of the dinghy as we rode along.  After a while the winds began to weary us.  We spotted a calm little bay near shore by the north side of Whale Tail.  We tiptoed through the coral and found ourselves in an awesome place.  The crescent white sand beach stretched out past the most pristine water.  We went ashore for lunch, and to search for sea beans.  Sea beans wash up on the oceanside, and some come from Africa carried along with the Sargasso Grass. Amazingly the sea was much calmer when we headed back to the anchorage.  Back at the Amber Isle the wind was down to 5k.  However, the boat was not moving at all.  Again we asked ourselves, "Are we aground?"  No, we were not.  But the combination of wind and current held the boat steady.  Still unsure we turned on the computer, which showed our position was the same as we left it.  Finally, we took the glass bottomed lookie bucket in the dinghy and followed the chain out to inspect the anchor.  It was totally buried.  Ahhhhh.  All was well.  it seemed the "blow" was over, if it even happened.