Leaving Nassau, on to Cat Cay

Ambler Isle
V and S
Sat 30 May 2009 16:09
25:36N 78:23W
The stop at Nassau was a whirl wind experience. As soon as we tied up to
the fuel dock at Peter's Harbour Club Marina, we dashed out, carrying trash,
tote bags, and a cooler pack. Valt gave the dock man $20 and asked if
that would buy an hour's time at the dock while we went ashore. Valt
started the refueling, Dave and Karen rushed to the liquor store, and I to
the grocery. I had sticker shock when I paid $15. for a half gallon of
Nassau made ice cream. Ditto when I bought a jar of bread yeast for $12,
Yikes. Next Dave and Karen loaded their belongings into Mr. Moss's waiting
Lincoln Towncar Taxi and went to the airport. We jumped aboard the Amber
Isle and called the Harbour Control to get permission to leave the harbour.
Permission granted, we were soon in the Northeast Providence Channel,
heading to the in a northwest direction to the Great Bahama Bank. It was
smooth as glass. While fishing, we also watched for a whale or two, but saw
none. Nor any fish. By 9:00pm we were anchored 12 miles past the NW
Channel Light on the Bank. The seas had turned rolly, and the sky grey.
All night the waves and surge pummeled the Amber Isle, making sleep
impossible. A big rainstorm beat the boat clean. When we finally got up,
we cancelled our plan to visit the reefs at the Gingerbread Grounds. It
would be too rough. The sky was still dark grey and several times it
rained. At one point the wind indicator read 35 knots of wind. What a
relief when we finally reached the shelter of Cat Cay and anchored the boat.