Rose Island

Ambler Isle
V and S
Tue 21 Dec 2010 12:17
25 05 050N
077 12 844W
Ah, Rose Island.  The 5 mile trip was calm and smooth.  Although only 5 miles east of Nassau, it is worlds apart.  So natural and unspoiled.  Several attempts have been made to develop this little slice of heaven, with no luck.  A couple sailboats dotted the anchorage.  A large yacht with about 30 kids aboard frolicked with Sea-doos and tubes for the afternoon amidst much hooting and laughter.  They left before dark.  Then it peaceful and quiet.  We felt restored after our city experiences.  We had supper then watched the local TV station ZNS.  It is the only station here.  They had Christmas music, and local events.  Even the commercials are entertaining.  We were surprised that the music was very formal and classic.  Almost operatic.  We longed to hear Silent Night. After a long look at the amazing stars and moon, we had our own silent night.
Amber Isle
Amber Isle
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