More Conception Island

Ambler Isle
V and S
Sat 16 May 2009 20:49
May 11, 2009
Landing the dinghy at the far end of our crescent beach, we walked though a
trail in the brush to the ocean side beach. At the end of that beach was a
rocky outcropping. Someone, long ago, had found a thick,
3 1/2" boat line and hang it from the rocks to aid in climbing. Why, you
might wonder? Well, when we reached the top, we were treated to a panoramic
view of the waters we'd cruised the day before. The coral heads dotted the
sand. We sat on the cliff and looked at the beautiful maze below. We
spotted a big barracuda cruising the reef behind a small shark. Was he
stalking the shark for lunch? No, he made no moves to attack. Instead he
seemed to be hunting with it. Several other unidentifiable shapes appeared.
We were mesmerized by the sight. We climbed down the rope, then went for a
power beach walk. We lunged, squatted. jogged, waded, walked. When we
reached the end of the 2-3 miles beach, we turned around. White Tailed
Tropic birds were nesting there, and were unhappy for our visit. They did
not dive bomb us, but flew close overhead, escorting us away. Hot from our
exertions, we waded into the sea. When the water got too deep to wade, I
did a little side stroke. This was the stroke I'd learned when I took David
for swim lessons when he was a baby. Then a few modified breast strokes,
and a back stroke. Soon we saw Valt coming to get us in the dinghy. Our
tropic bird escort was still there. As we pulled away, it swooped within six feet of our heads. What a beautiful sight.