Coconut Harvest

Ambler Isle
V and S
Fri 11 Mar 2011 03:08
Release of the Coconuts
Gentlemen Start your Dinghies
I Got Mine
And the Winner Is
Weatherman Chris Parker
Please, a Little Breeze, Louise
Pirate Judy
Quit Clowning Around
Some Coconuts!
March 3,2011
After a rushed coffee routine and a couple slabs of homemade banana nut bread, we hurried to Hole 1 to observe the coconut harvest.  Costumed contestants raced around in motorless dinghies trying to scoop floating coconuts out of the water.  Some 900 coconuts had been dispersed.  Diving fins were used to propel the small boats.  The winners ended up with 120.  The last place collected none, but spent the entire time tossing buckets of sea water at the others.  The whole event took less than 30 minutes.  One team dressed as a bunch of clowns.  Another donned white tees with coconut bras painted on them.  Some were pirates.  Many made or wore matching tees to show team spirit.  One of the spectators caused a bit of a stir.  Judy, from Southern Cross wore a very short skirt, fish net stockings, and very skimpy panties underneath.  Everyone watched to see if the wind would lift the tiny skirt.  Some of the women were miffed at the display.  But I saw ladies in even skimpier swimsuits.  I guess its all in the presentation.  After the wet show, they moved onto other coconut feats:  coconut toss, coconut bocci ball, coconut bowling.  But after a while it seemed more fun for the participants than the watchers, so we went home.  As usual, it was a good way to see our neighbors.