A Fine Bahama Day

Ambler Isle
V and S
Sat 26 Feb 2011 14:46
Feb. 22, 2011
It was a fine Bahama Day.  Seas and winds calm, cloudless, blue sky, temperature forecast:  85.  We loaded up beach chairs, towels, books, and a picnic and headed off to our favorite beach, The Flip Flop Shop.  Mick and Mary from Escargot set up a thatched roof tiki hut hung with many colorful floats, benches, tables, humorous signs, and more,  every November.  They carefully dismantle it, hiding the large pieces in the woods, each May before heading back to the US. The art and more special pieces he takes to his boat.   He worries about vandalism or parts missing.  A few others joined us, including Mick and Mary, and even some local residents.  We spent the day swimming, sunning, chatting.  After a sundrenched day, it was time to leave.  But we noticed some boats anchoring near the beach.  Then dinghies coming ashore.  People began  gathering firewood and stacking it for a bonfire.  Guitar cases stood against the wall.  It was the night shift.  A beach jam session was setting up.  The common courtesy is to invite Mick and Mary to such events, since the facility is maintained by him.  However, he was unaware of it.  He stayed.  But we were tired, hungry, and not dressed for an evening outdoors.  We needed to run the generator.  No anchor light was on.  No, we'd have to go home.  Valt offered the fixings for a "lookie bucket" to Callie, the singer.  In return, she offered first brunch, then to put on a concert for our pals.  We'd see.  Back aboard Amber Isle,  the sounds of a saxaphone mourned sweetly.  We'd have our music anyway.