Another Fine Bahama Day

Ambler Isle
V and S
Sun 27 Feb 2011 15:44
Feb. 23, 2011
The day again dawned bright and beautiful.  Today we loaded the dinghy with tackle box, rods and reels, and a picnic and headed south, through the small cut near Top of the World to the Exuma Sound.  I dressed in my long sleeve sunblock shirt, floppy hat, sunglasses, and wore 50 SPF sunscreen.  Valt sported a skimpy swimsuit.  Were we going to the same place?  Out to the deep, we set out lines and began trolling for mahi.  I used my pink and white skirted lure, Valt his green and yellow one.  No frigate birds were out hunting, a bad sign.  We began seeing flying fish.  Soon it looked like Ohare Airport.   A few other boats and dinghies were fishing, too.   Then wham!  A strong hit.  But my drag was a little too loose, and it jumped off before I could set the hook.  A lost mahi.  It would be the one and only for the day.  Not to be skunked, we changed rigs and moved into shallow water to drift fish.  We hooked one sand tile after another.  This is not a fish we keep, too little meat, but it showed we were in the right place.  Next we started catching red hind, a member of the grouper family.  We caught and released  a number of them til we ended up with three medium sized hinds and one grunt.  Enough for a nice supper.  Happy, we headed home, cleaned our fish, cleaned the dinghy, cleaned and put all the gear away.  Phew.  We ate supper, and fighting off the urge for an early bedtime, read for a while.