Norman's Cay 3

Ambler Isle
V and S
Sat 1 Jan 2011 23:05
Another calm, wonderful, sunny day.  We watched dinghy after dinghy come to snorkel the sunken plane nearby.  The plane was a reminder of the days when Carlos Leder controlled the island as a base for his drug smuggling operations in the early 1980s. He took over the island, chasing away the residents and turnng the little resort into his home.  The plane sunk during his reign here and has slowly deteriorated into the sea ever since.  On a good day we see the resident baracuda swimming in the fuselage.  The water is a bit cool for our tastes. a chilly 68 degrees.  Instead we dinghied over to the west side of the island and anchored offshore in 3' of water.  It is far too heavy to simply beach it.  A head the size of a football emerged, it was a huge 3' sea turtle.  Ashore we took our long anticipated walk, enjoying the first Bahamian sand between our toes for the season.  As we neared McDuff's, the local restaurant, we heard voices.  They were finally open.  We'd already had lunch, so we settled for a cold Bahamian Kalik, the local beer.  They also rent three cottages by the week.  Owner Steffan was there, and we chatted with him.  Seems he is Bahamian, and knows other Bahamians we know.  Small world.  There were 12 boats anchored on the west side, and 11 anchored near us in the south anchorage.  We may move to the west side tomorrow as the easterly winds gather strength.