To Lee Stocking Island, Exumas

Ambler Isle
V and S
Tue 3 May 2011 14:46
We weighed anchor early and tiptoed back thru the coral reefs to the deep sea.  The VHF radio crackled and we heard Janie on Pirate making a call.  They'd left their anchorage in Georgetown and set a course for Staniel Cay.  They, too, decided to go before the wind switched around.  While we chatted with them, the fishing reels screeched, and we had fish on!  Two lines.  We throttled down, marked the spot on the chartplotter, and began hauling in lines.  The first to come up was a nice skipjack tuna.  Not as big as a mahi, it still put up a good fight.  Next we pulled in his cousin, another skipjack.  Was this a sign of things to come?  We hoped this boded well for a busy fishing day.  But as the day went on, we got no more fish.  Judy and I sat on the bow under the big white umbrella Valt set up for us, sipping ice water.   The men tended the lines.  We enjoyed a nice lunch and marveled at the nice calm seas.  At 3pm we reached Adderley Cut, on Lee Stocking Island.  Winding our way around the island, past the research center with its mooring balls, past the shallow, another mile to our favorite beach.  A tall cliff stood above us, and would shelter us from the stronger winds predicted for Sunday.  A ray swam over to welcome us.  We'd seen many rays here in February, maybe gathering for spawning.  The numerous islands to our SW glinted in the sunlight.  A snorkeling day was planned for Sunday, and the islands were appealing.  Our dinner was some of our tuna, grilled med. rare, and served with potato and cold slaw.