Arriving in Sand Dollar Anchorage

Ambler Isle
V and S
Thu 26 Mar 2009 14:34
23:30.41N 075:44.70W

Friday March 20-Tues. March 24

We enjoyed the Morning Coffee Ritual aboard the dinghy, just riding around
looking at the natural beauty of the area. Normally we us the Sky Lounge in
the fly bridge for the ritual.
Exiting the Cut, the water was still rolly with swells. But as we got
farther from land, it improved enough to toss in the fishing lines. We had
a double hit, and decided to land the bigger fish first. It was a 52"
beauty! Our biggest to date. He leapt and ran, finally ducking under the
boat. Soon he was hooked on something, maybe the depth sounder transducer.
We could not pull him in. Now what? Just as we were thinking to take the
rod and reel to the front of the boat, we spied a big mahi at the rear of
the boat. It was our catch. Still tangled around the boat, Valt was able
to get him near the boat and gaff him to bring him aboard. He'd also
tangled the line with my waiting fish, wrapping it 12-15 times. What a
But worth the effort. By then we war nearing the entrance to Elizabeth
harbour. We entered the cut and had a final big surge before getting into
calm water again.
We passed the Monument Anchorage with many boats bobbing at anchor. It is
popular because of the nearness to Hamburger Beach, so named because Dora
runs a snack shack for Peace N Plenty Hotel on the mainland. Their guests
can take day trips to the island. There is also a nice trail to the Exuma
Sound Beaches.
Next was Volley ball Beach, where many cruiser activities are. Everything
from volleyball, cards, horseshoes, crafts, art classes, boating and fishing
seminars,you-name-it. We passed Kidd Cove, the anchorage nearest the
settlement on the south side of the harbour. Finally we entered Sand Dollar
Beach. it is our favorite, mainly because there is less hub-bub here.
Usually fewer boats. But today there were hundreds of boats dotting the
harbour. Where are all these people coming from? Don't they know we're
having a bad economy? Shouldn't they all be home? I think there are more
boats here than in past years.
We hadn't even anchored when we got a call from "Pirate." Janie and Jim
were here, inviting us to a beach party. It was a pot luck dinner, music
fest, and bonfire. But we were too tired from the day's fishing, and still
had to anchor, clean the equipment, launch the dinghy, and have supper.
We'd never make it. So we opted to stay home instead.